Magical Curls Hair Texture

Magical Curls Hair

Texture Magical Curls
Hair Quality Temple Hair
Processing Steam processed
Country of Origin India
Manufacturer LAGAH’S

Texture Details:

Magical Curls hair texture is not natural texture of hair but styled.

This texture is achieved via high temperature steam processing and without use of any chemicals like Ammonia or hair texture fixing chemicals as used by Chinese suppliers.

This texture is created by breaking hydrogen bonds of hair, so there is no negative effect on hair quality or life of hair, and hair remains 100% virgin.

As we do not use any chemical to achieve this texture, so life of texture used to be up to few washes, but in case of Afro Textures, hair remains curls even after washes as we use natural curly hair to make these textures. These textures are also known as Funmi Hair Texture.

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