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To ruin the reputation of our company they are using keywords like scams, frauds, bad hair of lagah exports etc.

They are using their friends in other countries as we can not sue the aliens in India.
We do not response such kind of complaints as these are fake complaints posted by number of other competitors and cheap practicing small suppliers who do not have business and rather than increasing their credentials ,they spend time in defaming others. moreover there are few small buyers who are women who contacted us for retail orders and we refuse their orders and they tried to offend us with their third class practices what are only possible for them. These people does not come straight but only use the so much easy way to post on internet places to show their frustrations and feel good.

Moreover there is one more community of young women come up who used to contact us with their offer that if we send them free hair then they will post very good reviews about our hair on youtube.com, facebook, twitter etc. and other social networking websites, and some of them are like who if we refuse their offer then their next mail is like threatening us for fake bad reviews.
These people does not have life but criminals ad they can not be sue in any way.
And it is not possible for us to put our knees down on these criminals in any way.
We are in this business for last 16 years and our so much long time existence with same name and brand is not possible without good quality and services.
But they do not know that if someone spit on sky then they will have their spits back on their face.
So rather than running after these people we prefer to concentrate on our business.